Did you know purpose of a website?

In making your site must have a clear purpose for what site is made? Do not make a site without meaning and purpose that is not clear. If you create a site for clients, you must know the purpose of clients to make a website. By knowing the purpose and purpose of the website created, the design of a website will be easy. 

Here are some types of websites that are grouped according to their purpose:

  • Marketing (Marketing Tool)
  • Value Added (Added Value)
  • Catalog
  • E-Commerce
  • e-Learning
  • Community
  • Portal
  • Personal

Please read this blog with description to all types Purpose of the website

Which quality you need?

Every website aim is turning new visitors into customers and ensuring customers keep revisiting your website. Then you need the following qualities

Good User Interface and User Experience

Responsive Web Design

Light Speed

Search Engine Friendly

Our Services Are Quality Oriented.

Benefits of Using WebsterX

There are many reasons why you should have a website for your company or business. Today the internet is a tool used worldwide, allowing us to access multiple resources and learn about other companies with ease. Many companies grow exponentially thanks to their websites. It’s time for you to make this communication tool to promote your company. A website can reached to millions of desks and can help an entrepreneur to become successful with its product and services.


Consumer Convenience

Build Customer Base

Wider Demographic Reach

Increased Sales

Targeted Marketing

Business Credibility

Fasters Customer Support

Around-The-Clock Availability

Competitive Opportunity