Did you know purpose of e-Commerce

Purpose E-commerce (electronic commerce), is the activity of buying and selling goods / services or the transmission of funds or data through electronic networks, especially the internet.

Communication Perspective

Understanding E-Commerce is a process of sending goods, services, information, or payment through computer networks or other electronic equipment.

Service Perspective

E-Commerce is a tool that can meet the wishes of companies, management, and consumers to reduce service costs when improving the quality of goods and increase the speed of shipping services.

Business Process Perspective

Definition of E-Commerce is the application of a technology to automation of business transactions and workflows.

Online Perspective

E-Commerce provides convenience to sell and buy products and information through internet services and other online facilities

But now e-commerce has experienced a variety of developments, ranging from functions to different types of e-commerce.

There are at least seven basic types of e-commerce or forms of e-commerce businesses with different characteristics:

  • Business-to-Business (B2B)
  • Business-to-Consumer (B2C)
  • Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C)
  • Consumer-to-Business (C2B)
  • Business-Administration (B2A)
  • Consumer-to-Administration (C2A)
  • Online-to-Offline (O2O)