Common FAQs

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Common FAQs


  • Increase sales and get new customers.
  • Your customers can easily contact you.
  • Company information is available 24h. per day
  • Instant availability of product catalog, price lists about your services
  • Instant update of company information.
  • Because your competitors have it.

The cost of the site consists of:

  • The cost of the site consists of:
  • complexity and scope of work;
  • design (for example, a unique design is much more expensive than the template);
  • functional;
  • the number of unique pages and blocks;
  • creation of calculators, selection forms;
  • external and internal integrations with third-party services (for example, 1C Trade Management or CRM systems).

We carefully approach the creation of each site. We offer unique options using quality templates.

Any development begins with a detailed explanation of the needs and wishes of the client, finding out the essence of his business and studying his target audience (the site may be strict black and white or pink in flower).

Depends on the type of site and the speed of interaction with the client. It is very important how quickly we will receive feedback on our work.

Yes,But you have to purchase dynamic package. The client will be able to make edits and changes only after the site is submitted. At the stage of development of adjustments can not be.

Yes, we pass the site after a thorough check and are responsible for the quality of the work done.

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